not so matchy matchy

If you’re thinking of adding some pillows, a throw blanket or new drapes to a room, think outside the box of matchy matchy, even considering what once was considered clashing. It’s the way to go these days, but there is one important rule: You have to love the fabric.

Check out these whimsical fabric pairings and let me know what you think.

Click on the photos to enlarge

MismatchedChairsliving-crazy-curtains-203teal leather sofaindex-600x400curvy sofamanhattan-apartments-ed1210_01greek-key-pillows-pink-decor-interior-design-blog-ideas-eclectic-living-roomRead the rest

wood for your walls

After visiting with a client who just put up a floor to ceiling strip of wood floors in their condo, I was impressed and wanted to share this great idea.

It’s not a new idea, but it’s worth considering in many applications. And if you don’t want to put up wood floors, you can consider Stikwood. This is a great alternative as it is real wood but made to stick to the wall with strong adhesives and a thinner profile. Pretty awesome.

Check out these great spaces for inspiration. The first photo is my client’s home, which they decided on totally by themselves. Cool!

IMG_3112diy-wood-wall-staircasebarnwoodwall2contemporary-dining-roomwood-plank-wall-diy-13wood-wall-panels-natural-color-8Wood-walls-by-At-Six-ArchitectureWood-block-headboard-wallRead the rest

flowers for your home

Spring brings flowers and blooms to many gardens around the city, so why not do something for inside too to remind you when you are indoors that spring really is here! Here are a few fun arrangements to consider for a spot in your home you are sure to see often.


Spring-Centerpieces-and-Table-Decorations_02 easter-spring-centerpiece md_0bd89e9c124749921024114 Colorful-Spring-Centerpieces-600x900 1275 tulip-dining-table-centerpiece

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mother of pearl mosaic tile

When I think of mother-of-pearl I think of jewlry and perhaps even a chandelier or an inlay in furniture, but for some reason I never think of wall tiles and how beautiful and iridescent they can be. It was my client this past week that saw them at Olympia Tile and said ‘that’s my backsplash’ after never having seen anything so beautiful to her eyes. I was thrilled that her eyes lit up the way they did.

We are still months away before we get to see these tiles on the wall of my client’s kitchen, but I’m dreaming about it already. I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

Here are a few examples of how pretty this look really is.

hexagon mother of pearl mother of pearl bathroommother of pearl chest of drawers mother of pearl fireplace mother of pearl mother of pearl backsplash mother of pearl backsplash 2Read the rest

all Canadian and eco friendly – Para paints

Everyone seems to know at least one Benjamin Moore colour like – Cloud White, Revere Pewter, Muslin… There are so many that we have come to embrace as classics for our homes. And while Benjamin Moore is a quality paint for sure, I have now decided to switch over to Para Paints as my main place for colour sourcing. I will still use Benjamin Moore for those that prefer.

I love that Para is all Canadian most of all. But they are also a super eco-friendly paint line, not to mention their paints are of superior quality.

When I switched over I was reluctant to let go of some of my favourites from Benjamin Moore. So if you too want to switch over for the same reasons I did, here are a few Para colours that are pretty much the equivalent of the ones you may already know by name from Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White – OC-130 = Para Wizard White – PF29

Cloud White

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – HC-172 = Para Memory Overload – P5222-34D

Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Muslin – CC-110 = Para Beachside – P5226-34


Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray HC-87 = Para Dot.Com – P5222-51D

Ashley Gray

Go ahead and find your own matches if you feel like switching over to an all Canadian eco-friendly product. It’s easy and the paint stores will be happy to help too. You’ll feel good about the change I’m sure.

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stained glass for your windows

A stained glass window panel is not for everyone not just because of the styling, but also because of the cost and weight of them. Some beautiful vintage ones from old homes are great hanging in front of a window or over an opening, but if you want something very specific, want it to be cost effective, and a little more modern perhaps, you can try something like the ones here. Designer Sue-Anne Adam has come up with some beautifully coloured new designs of her own that will make you truly believe you are looking at the real thing. And how are these for something a little different!?

faux stained glass faux stained glass 2 faux stained glass 3

Check our her blog here.… Read the rest

art – dream it and have it made – so easy and exactly how you want and need. These prints won’t go up in value like originals can, but for many, art is decorative so this website really works!

For those that I’ve given dimensions and colour ideas to for art on their walls, this is definitely one way to go.

Check it out here. They have loads of prints to choose from but be warned, you may get lost in the photos.




costco online shopping

On more than one occasion I have stepped into a client’s home and have asked where they got that lovely piece of furniture, and the answer was surprising. Costco Online! Yup, they have some nice pieces of furniture. From bedroom sets to outdoor furniture and even bathroom vanities with beautiful marbles. While I always suggest you sit in a sofa or chair before buying, they do have soft furnishings as well.

Check out some of their surprisingly nice and great valued pieces here.

bathroom vanity - costco bedroom suite - costco modern sofa - costco the $99 chair - costco The $99 chair!… Read the rest

my visit to Paris

Considering a vacation in February coming from a freezing cold Toronto winter doesn’t usually evoke thoughts of Paris. But it was right for us and how lucky that it was at least 20 degrees warmer than most days we would have had back home. One day even got up to 15C with sunshine!

Here is a quick look at some of what you may have seen on my Facebook page, plus a few others, hoping to make you want to visit what I think is one of the prettiest cities in the world!

IMG_2466 Gotta have a shot in front of the L’Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysée

IMG_2594Part of the Napoleon Apartments at the Louvre – I would still use area rugs like this today!

IMG_2447A ‘living’ building

IMG_2580The cell Marie Antoinette was in before being beheaded – other cells were not quite as nice, but their fate was the same

IMG_2581Angel hair breading on shrimp with guacamole and balsamic salad – at L’Ange 20

IMG_2318A shot of the corner of the Eiffel Tower – we were so lucky with sunny skies on most days

IMG_2619 I love the movie ‘Amelie’, which takes place in the Le Montmartre area of Paris  - what a treat to have lunch at the cafe it took place in!

IMG_2385 This is the courtyard of the apartment we stayed at – built in 1530 – ever so charming! The flower boxes in the top right of the photo were in front of the windows of our apartment

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making the most of a small bathroom

Designing a small bathroom is always tricky. Sometimes I have suggested a wet room, but some don’t like this. And sometimes it’s just a matter of taking space from between joists, or even from another room. Every room is a unique challenge, but thinking outside the box really helps.

Here are some great examples of small bathrooms that rock! See any ideas you can steal?

tiny bathroom solution tiny wet room bathroom small-bathroom-designs small-bathroom-idea Small-bathroom-remodel-about-interior-design small bathroom bathroom-ides-for-small-bathroomsluxurious-small-wooden-bathroom Nifty-Design-for-Small-4x6-Bathroom-with-Contemporary-StyleRead the rest