how to use throw blankets

There are so many throw blankets out there for the taking. So many sizes and textures and weight to them. Some are great for winter, some perfect for summer, and some are good just for show. But it does seem like everyone has at least one. So what do you do with them? Display them? Fold them? 'Throw' them, as the name suggests? I often try a few things when at a client, because sometimes the first 'throw', or fold, just doesn't do it.

Here are a few examples you can copy.

fun throw blanket on modern sofa - 1291420_0_8
hand-made throw blanket on wood bench - il_fullxfull.334861616
large and heavy throw blanket on bed - 6b970039f27c
throw blanket under seating - 106760_0057-w252-h252-b0-p0--eclectic-bedroom
Bodmer Throw Blanket, The Dark T Throw
throw as tablebloth - classic_4_grande