rug in your foyer

A lot of people cringe when I suggest a quality rug for the foyer - 'but what about the salty winter boots?'; 'they get so dirty!'; 'won't it get ruined?'... I actually say - 'go for the best you can afford!' A quality rug will last a lifetime and should only continue to age beautifully as the dirt and salt wear it in. Silk? Why not - the patina they get with age and wear is stunning. Wool? So durable and easy to clean. Hand knotted? For sure - they last so much longer. Do go for something that suits your colour scheme, and don't go for a single colour, but rather a busy pattern of colours to really camouflage the dirt between cleanings.

Check out these awesome foyer rugs for inspiration and get your house ready for your holiday guests.

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