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I was at a client today that had the most unique sense of style, and it was so her! She had gilt walls, dark ceilings, lots of chandeliers and some really beautiful antiques. I loved it! I wouldn't have thought I would, but it was such a wonderful reflection of who she was and it said so much about her that it was simply beautiful. So what does someone with such a definite idea of what she likes need me for? Well, I was able to help her with lay-out, a few lighting issues and other small design dilemmas. She basically had all the right pieces (in the wrong places), but we will most likely continue to work together on new wall colours and fabrics. And if all goes well, maybe we'll figure out her new house in California together too!

Decorators are not just for people who don't know what to buy. They are for people with a very defined sense of style too, who just need a little help making sure it all lines up just so.

Here are a few stunning rooms that are no doubt a true reflection of its occupants.

vines - farmhouse_design_by_penelope_bianchi_06
harlequin walls, Unique-living-room-accessories-ideas5