living better in a rental

Living in a rental doesn't mean you have to live badly. No, you don't get to choose the colour of your countertops and backsplash, nor the floors, but sometimes that's easier. Less decisions to make so you simply decorate around what you have. And then, of course, there are no repairs or maintenance you have to fret over. Really, the only downside is not having the investment of your own place. Yes, that's a big one, but it doesn't mean you have to wait for that for you to really live in the decorated place you always dreamed of. I was inspired by this Apartment Therapy post, which happens to be one of my favourite blogs, and with one daughter renting and another about to in the near future, I am always looking for inspiration.

Here are a few examples of some great rented spaces from the Apartment Therapy blog.

living room -
living room -
bathroom -
decorating your not so pretty kitchen -

I love the way this dated kitchen was updated with half black walls and a gorgeous runner.

bedroom - small -