re-frame your art for an update

I am often at clients' homes arranging their pictures, so I have come across a lot of beautiful pieces of art. But many a time, the art is great but the frame not. A lot of pieces framed in the 70s and 80s are just bad. A new frame can do wonders for a piece of art you still love, and it can be as expensive, or inexpensive, as you like. Ikea frames are inexpensive and so simple they are great for many pieces.

ikea frames - example02_front.jpgd51c663f-5bed-4980-aa68-eec433a21d14Large

Here's a great idea - paint! This is an unusual technique that adds an element of charm, but it can be equally nice just repainted a simple black.

gold frame to black frame - Dans le Townhouse_Frame Before and After

Using old doilies in gorgeous black frames lets you use these artful treasures in a creative way.

black frames - doilies - c9495b14b519

Restoration may be in order to really enhance the beauty of the art.


Whatever you do, choose wisely and use a good framer for best results.

before and after frame

It makes a world of difference to how you view your art!