simple chanukah decorating

Chanukah is a simple holiday. It is not a vastly significant Jewish holiday, but of course has become so to compete with Christmas. But luckily this year it won't need to compete and I say always shouldn't. This year Chanukah starts on the eve of November 27th. In other words - very early! This makes it much easier to enjoy it for what it is and not just a substitute for Christmas. If you celebrate, enjoy your family, friends, dreidles, latkes, donuts and all things greasy for a fun 8 days. Here are some easy decorating ideas to steal for your holiday cheer.


Make pinwheels out of blue paper and hang in the window in a random fashion.

Simply use blue and white on your sideboard with a bit of silver and voila - easy Chanukah decor.

gold dreidles in bowl with flowers

Filling a vase with gold dreidles and adding flowers looks beautiful and it's so easy!

blue balls

Steal from Christmas and scoop up the blue and silver Christmas balls to incorporate with your dreidles and other Chanukah items.


Dreidles and Gelt (chocolate money) hang easily on some gold sprayed branches.

fill a vase with chanukah gelt

A vase inside a vase - place a small vase inside with water for the flowers and the chocolate money between the two. So easy. So pretty.