the perfect sheet set

The perfect sheet set is very personal. There are so many to choose from so you have to consider your options carefully. 100% Linen - Linen can be quite costly but will last a very long time. They will keep you dry and comfortable and with every washing get better and softer. This is the ultimate in luxury for some.

linen sheets restoration hardware

Satin Sheets - Some say this is the sexy choice, and if made of pure silk would be another fabulous option for some. Sythentic ones may tend to be too slippery and may not be as comfortable. But they all sure look good!

silk sheets

100% Cotton Sheets - If tightly woven (200 thread count and higher), cotton sheets can be as soft as silk. And of course this fabric is natural so you will tend to stay dryer than anything synthetic. But do be weary of too high a thread count as they may not breathe, thus causing you to sweat too much.


Flannel Sheets - Most flannel sheet sets are cotton and have a soft brushed finish like those old Pajamas you may have had as a kid. Some people love the feel of these, while others find them too hot. Steer clear of blends with synthetic fabrics if you like this option.

Flannel Sheets

Blended Sheets - Blended of cotton and polyester, this option is typically a lot less expensive than any of the other options out there. They can pack great saturated colours that won't fade and tend to wrinkle less, but they can sometimes feel a little scratchy. If you like the idea of a blend, do try to stick to at least 200 thread count for a bit of a softer feel.

JB1 bright bazaar - colourful sheets

There are so many options out there so when you need a new set, do get the best you can afford for your ultimate night's rest.