a week in Paris France

An upcoming trip to Paris, France has made me scrutinize the quintessential Paris Apartment. There are many features that many of them have, such as: gorgeous wood floors, often herringbone parquet; large mirrors; large French doors and windows; and, of course, a real sense of personal style. As an alternate to a standard hotel, I have chosen to stay in my own little apartment, in the Le Marais area, AR 4, right near the Pompidou centre. I hope to enjoy long walks in the area feeling like a local, carrying my baguettes, cheese and wine back to my apartment, up the well-worn stairs of my 16th century ‘apartment’… well, for a week I can pretend, right?

Have a gander at some absolutely gorgeous spaces I found searching the net. I could have added so many more too!

paris apartment 8
paris apartment 7
paris apartment 6
paris apartment 5
paris apartment 4
paris apartment 3
paris apartment 2
paris apartment 1