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It’s not about the photo ready rooms, the perfectly matched artwork, or the ‘Marie Kondo’ closets (unless of course that is what you want). It’s more about creating the mood, the character and the system that you want in your space. So much of what we can do together can’t even be explained as it happens organically while we create - with things you have; while adding some new pieces.

Let’s start with 2-hours to get you going in the right direction. We’ll always consider your budget and your style first. You will acquire countless practical design ideas from the consult, and you’ll be privy to all available designer discounts too! Which makes the service, well, practically free in a way.

Best of all, we expect you’ll have fun!



$349 for the first two hours
Additional time - $95/hour
Follow-up visits - $95/hour

Design consultations
Colour consultations
Full renovations starting from scratch
Handling of contractors through your renovations
Designing kitchens and bathrooms
Working with architects at the planning and designing stage
Styling and tweaking
Hanging pictures
Moving furniture around
Spending a day unravelling a closet
Picking up the pieces from your last designer
Shopping and sourcing
Navigating you through the renovation process
Making a plan you can work from on your own
High level design ideas for older homes
… Or simply helping you make the right decisions, which can be exhausting on your own!