the end of the Olympics

As soon as the Olympics were over, I started to look at my house again - I organized two closets and have re-designed my bathroom for whenever the time should come that I can get to the renovation (a dream of mine for years now!). It's not like the Olympics inspired me to decorate, (if anything it should have inspired me to go to the gym more!), but it was that the end of the Olympics was suddenly a time where I felt lost. Suddenly there was nothing to watch on TV and I had so much time on my hands. I was so busy watching TV for 17 days that I forgot about all the things in my house.

I was sad to see the end of the Olympics as I thoroughly enjoyed them this year. Such pride exuded from every corner of our country! When I looked at my house again after this time and decided to organize and design things, it was like looking at it with a fresh eye. It was a welcome break, but I'm happy to be 'seeing' my house again and taking charge. It is, after all, what I love to do.

And my husband is glad that I have clients to help with my passion - otherwise the decorating would never end here.