bath reno - end of day 5

Some drywall went up today, a frame for the back of the shower is done, and the exterior wall is all done! I can finally see progress... along with some other not so noticeable things.

Embarrassed to say, but I spent more time looking for the knobs for my cabinet than anything else in the bathroom - I just couldn't decide! In the end, I browsed the net and found some great knobs on the Anthropologie website so I took a drive over there tonight and bought them! I only needed two and thankfully I had shopped for so long on-line because my husband was with me and I started to change my mind... there are so many gorgeous ones at that store! Of course my husband didn't have patience, so I went with my choice from the net.

And believe it or not, I told myself it can always be changed if I don't love it... imagine that after all those hours pondering!!!!

Thankfully next week I am much busier with real clients. Should help me make any more decisions a bit quicker for myself. But in the end, isn't it the minor details that make the perfect space?! I'd like to think so. :)