bath reno - end of day 9

End of day 9 - seems so long! When you think about a bathroom taking 2-weeks, that is essentially like 10 working days, right? My bathroom still seems like nothing. My contractor assures me he is on track and that the most time consuming part of the tiling is done and that tomorrow I will see huge progress! I certainly hope so... really really sick of the mess, not to mention the tiny shower in the basement we have been using.

But alas, my contractor, the sweetheart that he is, is not so bad to have around. And he seems a little nervous - you see, I see things with my naked eye that most don't (I can always call a crooked anything before the level does - and trust me, it's a curse). So he walks on eggshells with making things perfect, and I guess that means I just have to have patience. And as you can see, the tiling is started and I think he re-did the first row a hundred times to make it perfectly level... oh he knows his client all too well!

It's a good thing.