pottery barn table

So I bought a table - I had one, but liked this one better. So much better! While at Yorkdale I always pop into Pottery Barn, one of my favourite stores! There was this table sitting all by itself in the middle of the store with a 1/2 price tag on it and I thought, "wow, is that my table?" I called my husband, he looked up the picture on-line, and right away said yes. He loved the Mission/Workbench style base, and I loved the rustic finish on the top. And oh so practical with a pedestal base and oval shape so you can always squeeze just one more person in.

So, yes, it was indeed my table. I kept my hand on it the whole time I pondered as others were passing by, trying to get a feel. But my hand said it all - IT'S MINE!

Now all I have to do is find a home for the old table...