transitional lighting

I love the hurricane lantern. It is classic and can go with every style. This one is very practical and whenever I suggest a hurricane lantern to a client I always discuss the pros and cons of each - as there are so many to choose from! Some are open at the top, some at the bottom, some open on both ends and there are really ornate ones or extremely simple ones. The one posted here is a simple design and what I consider to be the most practical. It is open at the top as well as the bottom, which allows the flow of... dust! The ones open just at the bottom collect dust at the top and the ones open just at the top, are even worse - they collect dust and bugs at the bottom - yech. So, unless you like to keep on top of cleaning (because there are some gorgeous ones that will make you want to consider the extra work to keep them fabulous), stick with an open ended top and bottom.

Transitional you ask? That is a style that is so classic it can go with anything from modern to country to traditional. Like this gorgeous hurricane light... by the way from Restoration Hardware.