y & co

I already have many sources where I like to go for my fabrics and broadloom for myself and my clients, but Shauna called me today from the store Y & Co on Davenport near Avenue. Designer's Walk you might quibble, suggesting you can't afford such a place! And for some that may very well be the case. But consider just one perfect pillow in the middle of your sofa, maybe just 1/2 a metre needed... not so crazy in those terms! And that old English chair you may have inherited could really pop with just a couple of yards of a fantastic modern fabric to make it fun and current and maybe even becoome the focal point of your room.

Check out www.ycocarpet.com and have some fun searching their sight and going onto the links that take you into a world of gorgeous fabrics, wallpapers and custom broadloom. It might even inspire you to start something today!

Be sure to mention you visited my blog and they will be sure to pass on a special discount to you.

Have fun! And do come back and comment here if you get there - everyone will benefit if you share your personal experience.