b&b shopping

I am on the search for a great B&B for a weekend getaway with my best friend.  We're thinking of Niagara-on-the-Lake or Collingwood this summer.  We try to do a trip away just the two of us every year, always staying at a B&B, switching it up from area to area.  It's always nice to try something new and discover the uniqueness of each.  Then it gives us a special place in time for each summer getaway.  And of course, I also love poking around at the decor, and even peak into other rooms if the door is left ajar.  But there is always one constant in our search - we only go for old houses.  Nothing less than 100 years old.  That's a feat for Ontario, but we always manage.  And besides, wouldn't you say that a certain charm comes only from an old home with history?  ...kind of a prerequisite for a B&B in my opinion! ;)