commercial decorating - thoughtcorp

Residential decorating is quite different than commercial decorating.  In residential the client means everything - they make the final decisions and they dictate where the mood goes, giving me the guidance to really help them make it theirs. SO satisfying!  In commercial, while the client still dictates, it is a much wider appeal that needs to be considered.  There are so many different opinions and ideas coming forth that need to be sifted through to come up with a plan that hopefully most will like.

I prefer residential.  I get to be more creative and the satisfaction is more deeply felt by the client.  BUT...

The past two months took me into a commercial space (company - thoughtcorp) that involved a move from a cool downtown heritage building office space, to a generic high-rise space further away.  My request was to 'funkify' the space on a very limited budget.  I knew what he meant so I had to perform magic!  I spent over 75 hours on this project, of which maybe five were on design decisions - the rest was on logistics, dealing with so many different individuals, working with salespeople and the red tape of the office building - crazy!  I thought I would pull my hair out and that this would only reinforce my preference for residential decorating.

But alas, I was pleasantly surprised!!!  In the end I realized there really IS satisfaction in commercial projects.  The end results pleased so many of the staff and I felt the wonderful camaraderie of a large group of people come together.  Praise came my way tenfold and it couldn't have made me happier.