commercial lighting installations

I finally walked over to my neighbour a couple of houses away while outside doing gardening. She moved in almost a year ago, gasp!! So we both did require an apology for not having introduced ourselves before now. It turns out she is lovely and super friendly. And within seconds she was showing me around her house and all the changes she had made - they were great! New bathrooms, fresh paint...

I was in that house before, both with the previous owners, of which I was part of their basement renovation, and the owners previous to them as well. It is so nice to see the transformations and what each family has enhanced in the home... the evolution of a home. I love it!

And then, as it turns out, this neighbour, Deborah, does lighting installations! Go figure, a very close by resource for me. She does mostly commercial spaces. Check out her site here for all your commercial lighting needs - Gottesman Associates. This photo is of a building that she was part of the lighting project in - cool!