design a practical kitchen - don't make the following mistakes

While the following kitchens may be beautiful, I would like to point out what I think is really not very practical about them. Do consider not doing these things when designing your kitchen if it makes sense to you. In my opinion, practicality, above all else, is always key when designing a kitchen. Think about how you use your space and what is most important. Only after that, should you start to think `pretty`. While this kind of fridge is pretty cool, unless you are always entertaining and only have beer, wine and juice in there, it is not very practical for your every day, messier looking things. Not to mention that many of the commercial fridges are quite noisy.

This kitchen is gorgeous and was just featured in the latest Style at Home, but wall sconces with fabric shades above the gas cook top? And that little glass shelf is sitting very close to that cook top too and will surely get very greasy and dirty.

Unless you are a neat freak or keep very little on your counters, consider that mirrored backsplashes will double what you do put on your counters. The other mistake I see here is that while those XL handles look awesome, they stick out quite a bit, and as you can see at the bottom of the photo, the room is not very wide (and I'm not sure, but will the ones up on top bang into the glass if you open those cupboards?)

Another really amazing kitchen, but do you want to be cleaning the grease that may accumulate on all those pretty things that will no doubt accumulate if you cook at all? Open shelving is very trendy and can be quite practical for your everyday things, but not right above the stove.

There are other impractical things you can potentially do to your kitchen, and there are no doubt very impractical kitchens out there that already exist, but if you are starting new, be smart and think convenience first!

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