beautiful. ethical. sustainable. that's what lilikoi is all about

Lilikoi is a company out of Nelson, B.C. with beautiful eco-friendly products. While a lot of their products are gorgeous fashions, they also have a few home products that I love, like their organic cotton throws. But what brought me to this company was an interesting little story. On June 10th I blogged about my new blue chairs in my kitchen. My friend really liked what I had done so she 'liked' it onto her facebook and her niece, the owner of Lilikoi, thought my friend had done her own chairs. A week later a package arrived at my friend's house with four beautiful fabric napkins... in the same blue!!

My friend knew those napkins just had to unite with the chairs, so at Yoga class this morning she gave them to me. They are the most beautiful, soft napkins I now own - and in a colour that naturally I think is awesome!

Here they are along with some of Lilikoi's unique home products. So sweet!

napkins 004
organic cotton throw - 32258122