inexpensive closet storage

I am soon on my way to help my niece with her closets. She mentioned she needed to buy a whole new closet organizer, which I thought was expensive, especially for a rental unit. And then I remembered the two huge closets she had... and she lives alone! Time for an intervention from her aunt. Here are some ideas I will bring to her. Hope they help you too. Matching hangers help because if things are visually neat, you will tend to want to keep it that way. I suggest a set of hangers that fits comfortably in your closet and to not buy more. If you buy something new, then get rid of something old so you have a hanger for it.

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heeled shoes on ledge - shoes_display-e1294533104118

If you have a lot of high-heeled shoes, a ledge or crown mouldings hung at a height you can reach is an awesome idea! Inexpensive and kind of kitchy and really frees up floor space in the closet.

shoe storage - polaroidshoebins

I love this idea! So inexpensive and keeps the dust off your less worn shoes.


I love this little boy's room. But what I'm taking from it for my niece is that a dresser inside a closet can work wonders! You won't lose as much on the floor with less floor space and you can hang your shorter shirts and skirts over it, with the pants and dresses to its side. Great for rentals since you take the dresser with you!


I love baskets for storage. The best are ones with lids so that things stay dust free easier. And with a lid they can be stacked, so they can really free up space. This type of basket can store under the bed for out of season clothes, be stacked next to the bed with a large book on top and used as a night stand, or tucked into the back of the closet. Be sure to label your baskets to make finding things easier.