my new blue chairs

I did it - I finally painted my 25+ year old Windsor chairs. They are wood and continue to be solid and in style since they are a classic. I got them dirt cheap from a supplier in Montreal when I had my first place; and I can't believe I still have them! I had bought six chairs back in the mid-80s, and several years ago two were painted black. Only four fit around the table so the two black ones 'roamed' around the house much easier. I liked them painted but it took me until very recently to know the other four just had to be painted too. Black was too boring, so I went for my new favourite colour - turquoise-blue!

I only have them in my kitchen for a day now so I am still getting used to them. I know I like the colour but at times walk into the room and it feels a little too bright. Maybe I just need time.

What do you think? I know I can always paint them another colour and I know I'm not disappointed they are not wood anymore, so time will tell how long they stay blue; if they go to a classic white or black; or if next year I have a new favourite colour and they become that!