window treatments for sliding doors


Seems a lot don't know what to do for window treatments with those not so nice, but oh so practical sliding glass doors. First remember, DON'T do this:

DO do one of the following stylish suggestions:


Full length custom drapery (or off the rack since a lot of sliding doors are a standard size), are very practical and look beautiful. You can choose from so many fabrics, how much light control you want with the type of lining you use, and how they stack. Here the full drapery stacks to the right so that there is easy access to the left door and because there is no room to stack on the other side. Use rings on a rod and drapery wands for ease of use.


A blind such as this is easy to use and is much more pleasing to the eye than a standard 4" vertical. They work on a track much like verticals, but they are wider and have a pretty fabric on them. They do stack quite wide so you have to have room on either side, as in this case, to be sure they clear the door that opens.

gray shutters - Window-Coverings-for-Sliding-Glass-Doors

Shutters can be awesome. They are easy to clean, give you partial or full privacy, and they look pretty cool. What you do need for these is space. These fold out like bi-folds, unless you get ones with a track and they slide, so you have to decide what works best with your designer.


This is a really great option if you have no space to stack curtains or blinds, and it is super clean. These are set right inside the glass for the easiest of cleaning, but if you already have your doors, you can have horizontal blinds installed on top with clips at the bottom so they don't swing as you move the doors. Of course not as clean or tidy, but it's an easy option if you don't have space.


I love the idea of a sliding barn door over your sliding glass doors. Here the glass doors are not sliding, but it gives you the idea. Naturally you need space for both sides to open up, but if you have the space, this is a fabulous idea! Painted or natural rustic wood - so many options for barn doors.

sliding glass doors - black - detailed

And of course, if you have an awesome view and beautiful doors such as these, skip the window treatments all together!