choosing the perfect patio set

Like many interior design decisions, the process can be just as daunting when choosing patio furniture... there is so much out there! I am facing this current dilemma as my current patio set is not looking its best any more. But what do I want? Wood?... that requires upkeep and bringing it in for the winter. Glass and metal?... easy care but not that warm feeling. Wrought iron?... gorgeous, but very pricey and not that comfortable. Wicker?... cosy, but it's not great if left out in the rain, which I admittedly would tend to do. Plastic?... discolours too easily and is hard to clean. Wicker resin?... hmm.. maybe this is the choice for me! But they are best with cushions and those cushions also need to come in during the rain. Oh dear, I will have to weigh out all my options. Here are some options I think are gorgeous. Not necessarily all for me based on my answers above, but I'm only starting to look so they're all in my dreams... especially the ones where the setting is what I really want! French courtyard for me please!

804 - French-Patio-Ideas
804 - garden-furniture-french-house
804 - Outdoor-Wicker.Resin-Furniture
804 - Resin-Wicker-Patio-Furniture
804 - retro looking metal and glass patio furniture
804 - Teak-Patio-Furniture
804 - contemporary-bench-and-table-set-indoor-outdoor-reclaim-teak