online shopping not just for the holidays

There is nothing new about online shopping. Cyber Monday grabbed many people's attention as the perfect way to shop for bargains, drawing people in to the world of easy shopping with no crowds, fast delivery, and great prices. Now Amazon is even talking about the future of drone deliveries - what?! Will I eat my words in 10 years from now when it becomes an every day thing? But what, then, will become of the small independents, right in your own town? Shopcaster has a solution for that. I have talked about this site before on my blog, but wanted to make another mention now that they have grown tremendously, servicing many cities with a much more agreeable delivery system. Shopcaster is the online solution for the little shop keeper. I love it! Check it out here.

Just a few hot finds for delivery to your home from local businesses.

teddy bear

 A nod to Tous at a fraction of the cost. Even & Odd - one of my favourite little stores I haven't been to yet outside the Shopcaster site.

measuring cups

Measuring cups masquerading as Russian dolls. Sweet! At La Di Da boutique.


Vintage canisters and other kitschy items add such a personal touch to your space. Check out Ethel - 20th Century Living.

bee goblet

This bee goblet is the perfect glass for whatever you are drinking. It is a one glass does it all kind of glass. At Moss.

linen pillow

This perfect pillow in natural linen is from Scout.

stasis preserves

Keeping it local and organic at Stasis is a smart way to go. And what a great gift idea!

marc chagall

A sweet little Marc Chagall lithograph at Jade the Vintage Shop can fit almost anywhere.