new year's resolutions around the house

Making new year's resolutions for around the house seems much easier than sticking with some longer term goals. I think making small changes, for example like getting around to cleaning out a particular closet, or organizing your photo files, can lead to great satisfaction. You can hopefully stick with the resolution, thus feeling like a success, and you can also relish in the newly organized space. For my resolution for this year I would like to organize my filing cabinet and finally rid myself of old files that I know I really won't need any more. It will make filing the important papers so much easier too!

What do you plan on doing around your house this year?

organized baby closet

Organize a closet?


Organize your filing cabinet?

DCF 1.0

Organize your garage?


Add some open shelving for easy access to your pretty kitchen things?


Just for fun... organize your cats?! ;)


Organize your photos in boxes? This takes up much less room than those bulky photo albums from years ago.