what do celebrity bathrooms look like?

Celebrity Bathrooms; because even from that which we may not be able to afford, we can get inspiration.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi's bathroom There is a porcelain tile that is very similar to this marble that can be used on your floors

Larry David's Pacific Palisades House - Bathroom

One of Larry David's bathrooms Adding beams and a brick wall can happen in any bathroom, no matter the size

sarah richardson farmhouse bathroom

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse bathroom Painting the side of a claw foot tub and adding matching drapes can happen in the smallest of bathrooms


Brook Shield's New York apartment bathroom Adding deep crown mouldings ups the glam of a bathroom

Jerry Seindfeld's guest bathroom

Jerry Seinfeld's guest bathroom The appeal of horizontal panelling is a great trend right now you can try

Wayne Gretzky's bathroom

Wayne Gretzky's master ensuite Adding a chandelier to your bathroom can make you feel like a celebrity too

What ideas would you steal, in an affordable way, from these inspirational bathrooms?