art for your walls doesn't have to be expensive

When I design spaces for clients, their art is part of what we use to define their personal style. But there are many that don't have any art and really just want the space to feel finished. This is when I suggest places like, which I talked about in a blog back in March of 2014. Now there's also to consider! A little more helpful in defining your personal desires and budget. What fun! Check out their site for ideas for your own home, whether it be original art, or decorative art. It all comes together with!!

Here is what they had to say when I asked a few questions:

  1. When you create a “Project” you can set the pricing parameters so artists know how much you are anticipating spending.
  2. We take care of all logistics. From printing to framing to shipping.
  3. In regard to returns - there is a 1 year warranty on artwork in case there are any manufacturing issues. And if you let us know of aesthetic issues within 30 days we will do our best to rectify the problem either through an exchange or return.
  4. We offer works that range from the types of pieces you might find on to works that you would see as significantly more unique and authentic feeling. Our goal is to provide a place where you can come and tell the artist community what you are looking for and have the process of getting that vision fulfilled made simple. We work in a range of mediums including sculpture, mixed media, installation art, painting and prints.