not so rushed to go all digital just yet

In my quest to find the perfect digital floorplan app, I have concluded that the best one is still good old paper and pencil. While there is always a need for professional drawings with autoCAD for builders and permits, the work I do is perfectly portrayed on simple graph paper. I still do love to pull out pencils and erasers while I'm working and for me, it's fast! And fast is good since I get paid by the hour.

For many who watch a lot of HGTV, the colourful 3D renderings that are seen on many shows really is pretty awesome for visualising. I do get that. But for playing around with dimensions and changing things up, as I often do while in the midst of renovating or decorating, my hand drawn floor plans still seem like the best, and quickest, solution.

So here I am with my new iPad Pro with the special Apple pencil with countless hours having worked and tried out many a 3D and 2D programs, and I am convinced: paper and pencil is my personal favourite. And might I mention that bullet journaling is a real thing amongst the younger generations, so maybe this paper and pencil stuff has more staying power than I think. A little bit of the simple coming back.

For those that need more, I do have an excellent autoCAD gal so we're covered for that. And for the 3D rendering and visualisation of it that some may still need, I do have one app that I found to be the best for my needs for that purpose. Here are a couple of rooms I did on this app. Not too bad for a paper and pencil girl, eh?