tupperware on a decorating blog?

When we think of Tupperware, we often think of those retro yellow and orange containers so many of us grew up with. And no doubt there are still some of those kicking around! It's because they last and Tupperware has a lifetime warranty to prove that.

But how does it come to decor and design? It's because, like design, Tupperware has changed over the years from your mother's lettuce crisper to something you may even consider putting right there on your counters!

Mostly they are best for the kitchen cupboard as they stack amazingly for bulk food items with a colour to suit every taste. But you may also consider them for your clothes closets, basement work shops and even kids' toys.

If you want to see their full line and need a rep, check out my friend's to see if she can service you. Jacqui Debique. And if you have a great Tupperware story to share, please do share in the comment section below!