minimalism vs maximal-ism

I am often torn between the look of minimal-ism and maximal-ism. I know, how can one person like both? Well, that comes with the territory of being a designer and appreciating all styles. But for me, I'm really torn. I kind of love them both.

Minimal-ism is serene, simple, easy and speaks to the zen side of me. Maximal-ism is comfortable, kitschy, charming and speaks to the 'love of stuff' side of me. So how do I choose? I have both in my home. Perhaps not total minimal-ism nor total maximal-ism anywhere for me, but I have some areas that are quieter, and other areas that are not.

This is my office - a testament to my degree of maximal-ism. Yes, my cat often helps me work. 

And this is my living room, dining room. A little less stuff around, and that feels just right to me too. 

Where do you stand on the spectrum? Care to share some of your favourite areas?

Susan AbramsonComment