the accent wall

The accent wall of a room is often that because of a feature like a fireplace, a brick wall, or even a gallery wall of pictures. But we also talk about the accent wall as the wall where we might just add a bit of colour if the room doesn’t lend itself to all being that colour. Sometimes we choose an accent wall to simply be a different colour, and sometimes it is more of a feature like wallpaper, or wood planks. Or as mentioned, a full wall of pictures or a brick wall. But whatever your take on the accent wall is, it’s a thing! And it’s been popular for a while and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Check out these examples for inspiration and then go ahead and do your own thing! Maybe choose your favourite colour and go to town on one wall in a room that needs a bit of a lift? It’s an easy way to add a touch of ‘wow’!!