bath reno - day 1

Today I live through noise, dirt and mess, but the workers have been great so far. They covered all my 'stuff', locked away all my plants in my office and closed all the doors with towels at the bottom to minimize the dust. Very thoughtful.

By this afternoon 4 guys will be in there demolishing, but so far, they are perplexed. The concrete on these 1958 tiles are wicked! The jack hammer is working overtime and still not cutting it. When the big guy gets back this afternoon, hopefully he will have a better solution.

We decided to save the old retro lights - one has a heater built in to it, but it's a little scary so we'll just re-use the light part.

All the new pieces for the bathroom have been delivered and I have a bathtub sitting in my living room right now. Very exciting! But going through the boxes, it seems there are some pieces missing... will have to get onto that as soon as I go through it all with the main contractor this afternoon.

All fun and part of the process. I'll be back tomorrow with another update.