bath reno - end of day 1

The demolition is still not complete, but at least they figured out the concrete and got through most of it. Tomorrow the floors, also with 2" of concrete... hmm, might have been slated as a bomb shelter originally.

Check out those dangling pot lights - no wonder the bulkhead had to be so big! Ginormeous!

Got all the missing pieces for the shower faucet system and just waiting for one back-ordered piece. Phew!

Dilemma - the chair rail I wanted is 8 weeks out for ordering and the tiling can't be done without it, so do I wait or find a different solution? My inkling is to find a different solution... will keep you posted.

Dust everywhere, but only one broken thing... so far! My perfume bottle fell and broke in the adjoining room, luckily on concrete for easy clean up. That room smells wonderful... will have to go buy a new bottle.

Tomorrow, more shopping for the little things.