bath reno - end of day 3

Ian is finally excited about the bathroom! He didn't even want this renovation and now he is more into it than I am, all excited about the big tub to be and the art deco sconces I found yesterday. This is all good!

Today the wiring was done, some plumbing re-routing and the ceiling insulation. The bones!

The big dilemma today, however, was that the 24" door that Ian and I painstakingly shlepped from Hamilton, stripped, sanded and stained can't be used. It is actually too big! We wanted a piece of our old house in Hamilton to be a part of this house, but the tub proved to be 6" too long.

I spent hours with my cabinet maker, going over the possibilities of using the door, perhaps cutting it down, but it still wasn't going to fit. Not with the pedestal sink I chose, and Ian's nice long tub. So, I sat and re-designed the storage cupboard and am actually now more excited about the new door than the old door! I love what we came up with and ended up going with a gorgeous walnut, solid wood door. Happy!... you'll see so stay posted!

Our 24" gorgeous gum-wood oak door so lovingly re-finished will have to go to some other use... I'm sure I'll find a project in the not to distant future to use it for. Time will tell on the old door, but for now, the bathroom is what's important and it was a good day. :)