bath reno - end of day 2

You can see the dust - it's only day 2 and I'm already tired of the mess! But at least the gutting is done. The concrete on the walls needing the jack hammer was a first for my contractor! - serious stuff with those original 1958 tiles!

Shopped today for my bathroom - found some hooks, the tp holder, towel bar and a recessed medicine cabinet with mirror that wasn't $3000! Thanks Taps! Ginger's had some gorgeous ones too, but they were the ones at the $3000 price point - ridiculous! Sorry Ginger's. Some lovely stuff, but seriously? There were some at the Ginger's store at $1200 - seemed like a bargain next to the $3000 ones. I paid just over $300 for mine - nice and simple with mirrors on the inside too and the perfect size.

The best part of my shopping today was finding the wall sconces. I had a vision and there they were at The Door Store! I love that store. They had just two sitting way at the back - vintage deco covers but freshly re-wired to chrome bases, which is exactly what I wanted - they were just waiting for me!

Decided to change my idea for the chair rail tile - will go with a simple bullnose tile instead. Not as interesting but saved me a bit of money. It is, however, more practical, so that's what I'll remember when I think back and say I should have waited...

Tomorrow is day 3.