bathroom vanities

I have a dilemma - I love the look of this apothecary double sink console from Pottery Barn but what do I do with all my stuff?

Yesterday I cleaned out my linen closet - it felt amazing! I can see empty shelf space and have found homes for so many still beautiful things that I just don't use anymore. Since doing this I feel I can actually consider a sink like this one... I have created storage by purging. But will I be disciplined enough to keep the ugly green and pink plastic bottles of things I like in the linen closet, outside the bathroom walls?

I almost always decorate practically - would never really consider an open bottom double sink console if I had the option to add closed storage in my small home. Well this is my quandary - sometimes I wish I were less practical. Sometimes I wish I could say - just do it for the looks - you love it! It would force me to stay tidy and to really keep space in my linen closet for all the messy stuff. I can do it!!... but what about my family? My husband and two daughters - and their stuff!

Ahem... I will probably go with the practical. I am sure there are lots of gorgeous closed vanities that I haven't explored yet being stuck on this one. In the long run I will probably be quite happy with a vanity with storage, but that apothecary sink... oh, to die for!