dining room table

How perfect is this table? It is made out of reclaimed wood (environmentally friendly), it is made with unfinished pine (how easy is that to care for!), and it extends from 84" to 120" (everyone can come for dinner - there always seems to be too much food just never enough space!).

Yesterday I got three design magazines in the mail and had exactly 45 minutes between one client and the next to eat, go through a few emails and skim through the magazines. What I noticed in my quick skimming was the new 'Provencal' look. A little like the photo posted here, and a lot like the colour and texture of the wood of this table. I have always, always loved this style so when I saw this table from Restoration Hardware I was thrilled. But it was when I saw all those magazines filled with this look I got really excited - now I know I can much more easily find this look for myself or any of my clients as needed.

Hmm, but will I start to not like it now that it is common place? Oh what the heck, I just have to assume everyone just finally caught up to me. Now, on to 'reading' the pages of these lovely magazines. :)