lighting can make the biggest difference

I have a small room in the basement that I use for storage, tools and the cat litter boxes. It has an old workbench that used to be my father's which is quite charming and I had hung a few of his antique tools on the wall as he was an old school carpenter.

This past weekend I decided to have someone come in to put down a new floor and paint the room. It has not been painted since before we moved in, so at least 15 years, but possibly even 5o years! It really gave me a chance to go through my things - so much to dump, give away, bring to recycling...

In haste I chose a colour. I know, how can I do anything in haste! But I did and chose a colour I quite like when I use it for clients - it's called Blue Grass from Benjamin Moore. It was colour matched to a Behr paint since my contractor was off to Home Depot - no big deal as it's just a workroom after all.

Then the paint went up. I lost hours of sleep last night thinking I had gone totally wrong! The colour is in fact a bit off from the original, but not so much that it should invoke such hatred! I woke up this morning exhausted, and plodded down to the basement to see the room again. With much surprise and delight, the colour looked just fine! In fact more than fine with the sun shining in. And I think it will have a nice retro feel once the light maple floors go in and I put back the old workbench.... and a few decorative touches. ;)

Now all I have to do is find some new lighting so that the room always feels right, not just in sunlight.

Happy again! :D