tea cups

There are so many people that have old tea cups that they don't use for tea anymore - we all seem to love our giant mugs these days. But for the beautiful cups that we inherit, or have bought but don't use anymore for its original purpose, try one of these ideas to keep them alive:

  • put a row of cups on your mantle or upright piano with tea lights inside
  • use them in the bathroom - the saucer for soap and the cup for cotton balls
  • use them as little bowls at a party for nuts, candies, toothpicks...
  • put one on your nightstand for your jewelry when it comes off for the night
  • use them as your cat dishes - one for food and one for water - why not?
  • put a small plant in them to place anywhere around the house
  • use them on your make-up table for eye-liner sharpeners, eye shadow cases, lipsticks, etc.
  • use one on your desk for paper clips
  • use another one on your desk for business cards
  • use one in the kitchen for packets of sweetener
  • they can be fun interspersed on a bookshelf with old books
  • use them as a contrast to rustic finishes as decorative pieces around the house
  • and if you really need the space and need to get rid of them, give them as hostess gifts - put some candies or chocolates in the cup together with the matching saucer, wrap with cellophane and ribbon and put a personal note on the front - gorgeous!

They are of no good sitting in your basement storage room - take them out and use them! Have fun!