moving on

The best part of decorating for others is that I get to follow a plan - we come up with what the client wants and then we implement it. I can then walk away from it and feel proud. I like to see my clients enjoying their new spaces, ultimately giving them the pleasures of a well designed home for their very personal needs and uses. The plan is great.

But then sometimes the plan changes - what is thought to be a longer term home can suddenly become a home that needs to be sold. I personally get very attached to my own personal homes, but have always had the common sense not to do that with others' homes.

The home of the client whose new basement family room is shown here somehow feels different. I was very excited about all the phases of getting this home looking perfect and hoping the client would want to stay forever, but then the news came - they wanted to sell.

I was asked to stage the home and will most likely help out with the next house, but the thought of someone else reaping the benefits of what we just finished with such beautiful, personal detail, seemed sad. Who else but the clients it was designed for would appreciate it as much?

I do look forward to the next house and the next phases and do believe the relationship with the client goes on, but that house... well, what can I say - it's gorgeous and will undoubtedly sell in no time. If the client can move on after 16 years, I think I should be able to too.... next!