my doctor's office

While at my doctor's office today, I was looking around at the decor. Not great, but better than it was a year ago. Last year they had a faux finish treatment on the walls in an ugly orange colour with mismatched chairs that didn't relate to anything. As I often do in public spaces, I 'critiqued' the decor in my head. I was not impressed. I did, however, feel much better about the freshened up space. The walls were all simplified with a soft warm beige, and there were all new chairs that matched each other and the grey floor.

It was through someone wearing a bright yellow scarf that I then realized it was perfect - there were so many people coming and going that the simplified, cleaned up space with all matching chairs really made the people become the focal point. It was interesting watching everyone and just taking in the sites of all the dynamic individuals.

I like to think our decor is an extension of who we are, but in this doctor's office I realized it was just nice to have a simple background because it truly is all about the people there. I was happy to see the place nicer, felt better about sitting in comfy matched chairs, and it was through this simplicity that I appreciated the true nature of a doctor's office. Sometimes I just have to stop critiquing decor!