a solid oak-wood chair - everyone can use at least one

Solid oak chairs from the mid-century, or even much older or much younger, are classic pieces that stand the test of time. They can be incorporated into any style and are so versatile. Use one in your bathroom for towels; in your office opposite your desk; in the living room against a wall; in the kitchen for standing on to get to the high cupboards; by a bed for a night-stand... One interesting chair can speak volumes.

I am talking about oak chairs because a friend of mine just moved from a large home into a much smaller one and one of her banker's chairs was up for grabs! I took it even though I didn't really have a place for it. I just know I will use it somewhere great if not for my own home, then for my daughter when she moves out. It's classic! For now it sits in my office and I am happy to look at it.

Here's another classic, the shaker style:

And of course, the good old mission style chair - one by the front door could do your grandma a service when she comes to visit:

Other classic chairs worth having even just one of to move around the house are the Windsor chair:

Or the beautifully detailed press-back chair:

Before you throw your chairs on the curb, consider keeping even just one if its a classic. You may just find the perfect corner for it and won't that come in handy when you need just one more chair for a dinner party.