your rental property needs to be beautiful too

I always say it is important to live each day and not just wait for the next, so when it comes to rental properties I say make it great! You don't have to wait for a place you own before you get to enjoy your surroundings. It doesn't mean you have to go all out with high expenses - actually, the less you spend the happier you will probably be... if it looks good that is. Here are some great ideas to help with your rental so that today feels awesome. Just remember to ask your landlord before you do anything you can't change back. This is a great product to spruce up your kitchen counters. Instant Granite - as seen on Rachel Ray, is easy and super inexpensive. This site also has great appliance panels, with some whimsical, and a little unusual, theme panels to have fun with too.

Apartment Therapy showcased a great article about just this too - have a look here for some great ideas as well. And don't forget paint. If your landlord allows, go ahead and get some colour up on the walls! An all white space is great for many, but sometimes you need just a bit more. Consider an accent wall so that if you have to paint it back to white when you leave, it's pretty easy. It's a super inexpensive way to add so much to your space.

Lighting can make a huge difference to any space, so don't overlook this element of design. Hang a plug-in ceiling light with a couple of butterfly hooks for instant drama. And don't forget wall sconces that are not hard-wired to instantly gain space and add lighting exactly where you need it.The biggest element that is super easy for any renter, is to have great furniture. Buy the best you can afford with intention of using it for many years to come in any space you have. Loveseats and chairs work best as some spaces can't accommodate full sized sofas. Do consider loveseats with narrow arms to gain the most 'seating' space.

Just remember to live today too - rentals don't have to mean ugly. Have fun decorating!!