painted wood furniture - nightstands

My daughter is moving out. She got a great place in an 80 year old apartment building and it's quite charming. But it's tiny! The bedrooms are so small that the bigger of the two bedrooms is only 8'2" wide. So we have to be very clever when we set her up with her brand new Queen sized bed. We are on the hunt for a small, and really inexpensive, nightstand. My idea is to go to Goodwills around town, garage sales, and even on Craig's List and look for good bones in a piece the right size, and then paint it. She's all for that and I'm so pleased she isn't resorting to a cheap new one from a big box store. I found a few inspirational shots to help visualize the idea of a painted nightstand. It's so easy and so much more interesting than a new one.

hot pink nightstand with B - 004
end table 023
Pink Nightstand with White Flowers