reupholstering a chair with trendy fabric

If you're going to reupholster a quality chair, be sure to get quality fabric. I recommend a minimum of 50,000 double rubs, but keep looking as some have over 200,000 double rubs! That means that you can rub the fabric back and forth that many times before you see wear. Consider about 3,000 double rubs per average use in a year. Once you've determined that you are only looking at fabrics that will last, then consider design. If you are doing a single chair in a space, consider making it a focal point, if everything else is neutral, and go crazy! It's just a chair after all, which can go from room to room if you got the flow of your house right.

Here are a few great chairs for inspiration.

turquoise wing chair - 36f3e0fd95a2
pink polka dot chair makeover - 6860392276_59b8002741
retro chair makeover - il_570xN.328427366
green armchair - 401431_7314-w422-h334-b1-p0--modern-armchairs
modern traditional retro armchair - Exclusive-piece-Limited-Edition-chair