turn your living room into your dining room

Why not turn your living room into your dining room? Inspired by my client yesterday living in a typical early 1980s suburban home, with a need for a larger kitchen and less formal space, we decided that the formal living room at the front of the house would be best turned into her formal dining room instead! Then her kitchen, which is small and needs renovating anyway, can incorporate the current, also small, dining room, ultimately using her square footage much more wisely for her current needs.

I like to call this 'Freedom from your Unused Formal Living Room'.

Check out these great examples from around the globe where this exact idea was put into play.

tumblr_m45z6m7r6h1qj2u1wo1_500 - French style living in dining
brick wall, white table and chairs - 491616_1323684470348
2a9344194568 - dining room in living room
dining room in the living room