are sisal rugs still in?

sisal with black band

Sisal area rugs, or wool rugs that look like sisal, have been popular for a long time now. We started seeing them in the 90s, often with a black band around them like this.  We ran with this for over a decade. Many were putting them on their stairs as runners, in the family room, in the living room, and even in the dining room. After all, how can you go wrong with something so simple?

But things change, as they always do. While I still do love the sisal type rug (I always recommend a wool one for indoors), they have changed slightly. Much like the stainless steel appliances have changed over the years, and at first were also thought to be a fad, this feels the same. They have graced our spaces for over a decade - I say making it classic.

So where does it go now? I like it a little simpler. I like either no border or a more subtle border. And I don't recommend any border on runners for stairs any more.

Here are some examples of the updated sisal look. Still a classic. Great for any style. Perfect for layering. I say, you can't go wrong with this classic.


Layering your sisal with a more decorative one on top is a great way to freshen the look too.

layered rug
runner on stairs
sisal in dining room