bed-skirts for low profile box springs

After a couple of tries with different new mattresses, we finally ended up with one we love. So happy and sleeping so much better. But there is a problem. The mattress is so thick that in order for the bed not to be too high, it sits on a low profile box spring. That's great, except I can't find a good solution for a bedskirt for this low profile! I need about an 11" drop and they are all 14" - 18" in height. So what do I do? This is a dilemma. I found a couple of solutions that may work for some, but none perfect for me. I suppose there is always custom. Here are some ideas and why they won't work for me, but hopefully can work for you. If you have any other ideas, please do share them here.

let it drag - bedskirt
linen bedskirt

Let it drag - this can look nice in a shabby chic kind of way, which I quite like, but it's a little dirty and with my cats, it would definitely collect a lot of fur. I will possibly consider this in perhaps a silkier type fabric that won't be as sticky to fur and dust balls.

adjustable bedskirt

This adjustable one I found at Linens n' Things seems quite easy and is very inexpensive. It is polyester, which I suppose I can pretend is silk. You adjust it with little screws after placing three separate pieces on the edge. Just seems like such a pain for removing for washing.


This one looks like it is elasticized and sits over the mattress itself so you can have it at any height. But I feel like this option  is too easily moved and may feel sloppy.

fitted sheet

A fitted sheet can work in some cases, but because I have a metal frame, I would still see the ugly legs and that just won't do.

ruffle bedskirt
ruffle bedskirt

Then I found this on eBay. It's 15" but it's easy to cut a ruffle or two off... but wow, it's really not a good look for me!

I will let you know what I end up with once I made a decision. I hope it's worth sharing!